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Forming an Independent Association of Franchisees

A full-day strategic planning session with
Susan P. Kezios, President of AFA - $2,000.
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We also offer a related document,
"Forming an Independent Franchisee Association
A Turn-Key Approach."
available for $49.95 at PayPal.

Susan P. Kezios, President of the AFA, is a valuable resource for your new association.  The single most productive action you can take is a "Strategic Planning" session with Ms. Kezios.  She has worked with hundreds of people to make their associations start properly, plan intelligently, and avoid the hazards that befall those who blindly walk down this path.  Be sure, most franchisors view associations as a threat, and you need to have guidance in your early stages.  The standard fee for a Strategic Planning is $2,000 in her Chicago office.  References provided upon request.  Also available are phone consultations with Ms. Kezios, her rate is $150 per hour (2 hour minimum).

Please call us if you have any questions and let us know how things are going - (312) 431-0545.

Send questions to Susan P Kezios.

Personal Consultation with Susan Kezios
Phone Conference - $150 per hour

Susan Kezios is available to discuss your specific concerns on any aspect of the franchise business model. Her counsel is not legal advice, but she will condense 25 years of business experience that can help save you from learning the hard way.

Send your email request to Susan P Kezios - include several days and times (at least 3) that you could be available for a phone consultation.


Business Review of the FDD
Includes One-Hour Phone Consult with Ms. Kezios

If you have received a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) from your potential franchisor you may be interested in having a consultant with franchise business experience review the document. We call this our Business Review of the FDD. We identify some of the "red flags" that other franchisees have had trouble with in similar circumstances. Our goal is to arm you with enough information so you can make the right decision before you buy. At a minimum, you will better understand the contractual terms to which you will be obligated. Send us a photocopy of the FDD (or an email) with a 50% deposit in order that we may begin work. Your business review will be available within 10 business days. We will bill you for the balance prior to the phone consult with Ms. Kezios. Send your FDD to:

The American Franchisee Association
410 S Michigan Ave, Suite 528
Chicago, Illinois 60605

Send questions (or email the FDD) to Susan P Kezios.